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What happens when you do reiki?

Reduces stress, depression and lack of vitality. It generates well-being and improves self-esteem. Produces balance and increases mental clarity and concentration. Improves cases of insomnia and encourages sleep.


What is reiki and what is it for?

Reiki is a type of "energy medicine" that uses touch. Reiki practitioners say they cure illness by correcting energy imbalances. Reiki is considered a "contact therapy" since it consists of placing the hands on or very close to the body of a person.


What is the best time to do Reiki?

Conventional reiki treatment

And so we would continue with fifteen more positions until completing the treatment. A self-treatment can be done at any other suitable time of the day, although for most people the best times are upon waking and going to bed.


Who can not receive Reiki?

A person or animal with burns suffers pain, burning and risk of infection through the affected area. As the hands of a Reiki practitioner emit heat when channeling energy, we will not bring them near a burn until it has stopped hurting and even then we will avoid direct contact.



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