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We are a full-service chiropractic treatment facility in West Los Angeles. Our chiropractor and skilled team are able to provide care for your adrenal health issues, in a more natural and holistic setting. Because our focus is the whole of the body, we offer traditional modalities that begin with spinal health by Dr. Phillips and move onto the next step in your healing process. Typically, this includes NAET (Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques) as we've discovered that numerous illnesses and inflammation surface through allergic responses to environmental factors and other forms of internal medicines.

Adrenal health is particularly significant for any person who feels tired, constantly worn out, or craving salty foods. The likelihood that an individual suffers from adrenal fatigue is higher during bouts of intense stress, which leads to burnout and lethargy. The theory behind adrenal health and fatigue boils down to your body's immune system which responds by revving up during stressful events. 

Your adrenal glands are small organs located above the kidneys, and under duress will release two hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline. Both of these hormones can increase your blood pressure and heart rate when the adrenals are in a panic mode. Adrenal fatigue sets in when long-term stress adds to a prolonged production of cortisol.

Our wellness clinic is appropriately geared towards helping patients minimize adrenal fatigue through proper dieting, weight maintenance, and lifestyle consulting. We believe that there's a healing modality for every individual who experiences adrenal health problems. 

NAET (Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques) FOR ADRENAL HEALTH

There's sufficient evidence to denote how adrenal health can be linked to poor diet and other possible underlying conditions that appear when the body is under stress. Our chiropractor in West Los Angeles will first obtain a comprehensive health history, followed by a thorough exam, and answer questions you may have regarding your wellness. If there's a link to allergic responses within the body, we employ NAET to treat, eliminate, and heal the root allergies creating the stress and inflammation in your wellness regimen.

NAET is offered by Exceptional Wellness Center in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley. By extending our reach to patients suffering from severe stress due to allergies, our chiropractor is the premier healthcare provider of this technique in these locations. NAET is a modern technological way of wiping out the allergy altogether versus depending on traditional medicine or shots. Since our primary mission is your optimal well-being, why not get to the true reason your body is experiencing adrenal fatigue. Oftentimes, it's the allergies to the environment and food that creates stress.


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