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Achieve Exceptional Wellness by working with the chiropractor at our office. Detox with nutrition counseling. We provide excellent allergy treatment in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Fernando Valley. 



Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques are a revolutionary way to approach allergy treatment and heal your body from the inside out.  For more than 30 years, thousands of practitioners have assisted people in dealing with their allergies. This system is based on the principles of Eastern medicine. The process is similar to acupuncture, but it does not use needles, and it does not hurt. NAET deals with the allergy itself and works to remove the symptoms as well as the cause of the allergic reaction.

Dr. Philips is the premier practitioner of NAET in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Fernando Valley. She has treated more than 2000 patients. 


Patients are seeing excellent results in applying NAET therapy. 

We use this to treat runny nose, congestion, itchy eyes, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Also, NAET therapy treats rashes, bloating, acid reflux, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and low energy. 

After 25 visits:

  • 79% of patients with hay fever experienced relief from their symptoms

  • 82% of patients with asthma resolved symptoms 

  • 78% of patients with milk intolerance resolved symptoms

NAET helps to change the way the body reacts to allergic reactions, and it's with energy healing. 


The first thing the doctor will do is take your entire health history and review it. Dr. Philips will use this information to develop a care plan and help you to know what to expect.  Next, the doctor will perform a physical exam. They will look at posture, gait, eyes, skin, scars, tongue, and any areas potentially painful or inflamed.

The third step of the consultation is muscle response testing. This will help to determine the strength of the muscle with the presence or the absence of the allergen. Call us today to get started with this safe and noninvasive treatment for allergies. See how MRT can work for you. Let our team and office work with you to gently heal your body and help you overcome allergy symptoms. Give us a call today at 310-473-2020 and schedule an appointment for an initial consultation with our experienced doctors.

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