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It seems food allergies to substances such as dairy and gluten are becoming more common, and more visible in the media.

Indeed, a recent scientific publication reports that in westernized countries such as America, the prevalence of allergies is increasing at an alarming rate, now affecting 1 in 3 adults, and 1 in 2 children. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are now suffering with allergies. Many symptoms of allergies are caused by allergens in our food. It is thought that food allergies result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors, with the most commonly reported allergies to food being to eggs, peanuts, dairy, gluten, seafood and some fruits. While there is a genetic component to the development of food allergies, the science seems to suggest a stronger influence from environmental factors, with the development of a specific allergy being dependent on initial age at which a person is exposed to the allergen, as well as their immune status at the time of exposure. It is possible, and often quite necessary, to limit exposure to a food allergen to decrease uncomfortable and even life-threatening symptoms.


However, some food allergies can be decreased or eliminated with specific natural allergy testing techniques, in addition to supportive supplements and therapies that help to strengthen weak areas of the digestive, metabolic and elimination systems in the body. Dr. Gloria Phillips focuses specifically on natural treatment for allergy reduction and elimination using a technique called NAET. She has seen incredible results with both adults and children under her care. Call our office today at 310-473-2020 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Phillips. REFERENCES: Pałgan K, Bartuzi Z. Gene and environmental interactions of food allergy.


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