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Identify the Root Causes of Dysfunction

Until we know what’s wrong, it’s hard to do anything about it!

When the body (digestive, nervous, immune, endocrine, etc., systems) is out of alignment or dysregulated, it's crucial to identify the sources of imbalance inorder to correct for them. Hormonal imbalances, overstimulated nervous systems, specific traumas, and food allergies can be massive and elusive culprits of major distress.


Childhood impacts health at many levels: gut biome development, adverse childhood experiences, attachment styles, and so much more can hace massive impacts on adult health. Left untreated, each of these can lead to devastating consequences in terms of autoimmune conditions, heart disease, and other chronic and inflammatory conditions, in addition to relationship and career challenges. Once we are able to identify physical and emotional roots of imbalance, we are able to address them according to your own personal needs.


Allergies may be genetic or develop due to stress, environment, or a leaky gut. They may be hereditary, or, they may develop later in life due to adverse exposures. Either way, they can be treated and eliminated with NAET!

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