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Testing for and eliminating allergies is a fundamental part of holistic health care that seeks to remove sources of stress and strengthen the entire body. Here is an outline of what you can expect when you visit our office for wellness services related to allergy symptoms, or other symptoms of body imbalance:

  • The doctor will take and review your complete health history. In our office, Dr. Phillips will use this information to formulate specific recommendations for your individual health needs.

  • The doctor will perform a physical exam. This involves observation of posture, gait, skin, eyes, tongue, scars, and any areas that may be inflamed or painful due to recent trauma or slow healing.

  • The doctor will perform Muscle Response Testing (MRT). This is a simple test to compare the strength of a predetermined muscle in the presence and absence of the suspected allergen(s).

Following this initial evaluation, further testing may be done, and recommendations for care will be given.

If you have any questions about this process, or about natural elimination of allergies, please call our office at 310-473-2020 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gloria Phillips.

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