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Are you experiencing neck or back pain? Have you recently been in an accident? Do you suffer from chronic pain?


If so, chiropractic care can help


In addition to working with our patients to improve things like nutrition, physical performance and stress management, chiropractors also employ physical ‘adjustments’ to the spine to help the body realign and dissipate stress.


A good chiropractic adjustment is a specific correction to the joints of the spine, done at precisely the right angle to help the joint reset itself, and this allows the body to heal faster by removing stress from the nervous system.


Chiropractors spend a great deal of time in college learning the exact anatomy of all 76 joints of the spine and pelvis so that they can make a gentle and safe correction that helps the body heal without damaging any structures.


This is why you should not let anyone who has not been properly trained in chiropractic adjusting try to ‘pop’ your back or neck.


And definitely don’t try to adjust your own neck! Chiropractors are specially trained to ensure that a precise adjustment is done safely and effectively.


The reason chiropractors adjust the spine is because it surrounds and protects your nervous system. Your nervous system runs every process in your body, just like a computer system.


When the spine has been damaged or misaligned due to stress, it irritates the nervous system directly, and then the body won’t work properly and can develop pain and dysfunction.


This is condition of spinal misalignment that affects the function of the nervous system- as well as the entire body, is called subluxation.


A chiropractic adjustment done at the right place and time can remove subluxation, which helps the body correct itself and heal faster.


You can think of a chiropractic adjustment as a reset button to your body that relieves stress and helps your nervous system reboot.


For example, when you notice your computer slowing down and freezing due to too many operations all at once, a reset can help things run smoothly again; sometimes your nervous system needs to reset and start over so it runs properly again.


To learn more about how chiropractic adjustments can help you relieve pain and heal naturally without the use of drugs or surgery, Nicole Sarradet will be your manager in this job


Once I Start, Do I Have To Come Forever? No. Chiropractic care is like exercising or eating healthy food: it makes life easier on your body, but you can stop whenever you wish.


Everyone is different, and how fast you improve depending on your health history and lifestyle stress level.

A full chiropractic evaluation is like getting a car damage estimate from your mechanic: the information gives us an idea of what’s wrong with your body, how fast you’ll respond, and how long it might take for you to heal completely.

Most people who begin chiropractic care feel a big change right away, and are feeling significantly better within weeks.



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